Cafes and restaurants

Features of food and restaurants
Local cuisine is distinguished by it richness and variety of tastes brought by repatriates from all over the world. Numerous restaurants and cafes offer a very large selection of dishes. Menu is offered in Hebrew and English. Usually, restaurants are opened all day without a break during the day. Only fresh food is used when cooking – meat, fish, poultry, fresh vegetables. Portions are usually large, and it is recommended to order one dish for two. Many restaurants offer a “business lunch” for $15-$25 per person. The price level for individual dishes: salads and snacks from $8 to $12, hot dishes – from $20 to $40, beer – from $4 to $7, coffee, tea – $3-$4. Almost all products in Israel are kosher, due to the Jewish religious laws of cooking and the ban on the use of certain products, for example, pork and seafood. In addition, dairy and meat dishes should be prepared and served separately, so restaurants and cafes, as a rule, specialize only in one type of food – only dairy or only meat. Nevertheless, there are a small number of non-kosher shops and restaurants.
Places for eating and drinking near the hotel Shlomtzi
Yellow marks – places that work on Shabbat
(the period from Friday evening to Saturday evening)

Special offers for guests hotel Shlomtzi
Breakfast in the cafe for only 40 shekels
(reserved in advance)
Cafe SIRA (1, Ben Sira street)

Breakfast options

Israeli – two eggs, cheese plate, vegetable salad, bread and butter, fresh juice, hot drink.

Vegan – vegetable fritter, vegetable salad, dips, bread, fresh juice, hot drink.

Arabic – herb omelette, tabuleh salad, labane cheese, tahini, bagel, fresh juice, hot drink.

Shakshuka – two eggs, tomato, zucchini, pepper and mushrooms, hot drink.

Green Shakshuka – two eggs, green pepper, hot pepper and basil, hot drink.