From Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv

How to get from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv
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Jerusalem – the capital of Israel, and Tel Aviv – the business center of Israel. These are the two largest cities in Israel, which tourists must visit. Therefore, very often tourists ask the question “How to get to …?”. You can order a taxi, but there are also less expensive options using thr public transportation.
Intercity communication between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is carried out by two routes of the company “Egged”: №405 and №480. Buses run every 15 minutes. In Jerusalem, both routes depart from the Central bus station (“Tahana merkazit” – in Hebrew) (Jaffa St., 228). The buses departure from the third floor of the bus station. Tickets are purchased either from the bus driver or at the ticket office.
Central bus ctation Jerusalem
In Tel Aviv, route No. 405 arrives in South Tel Aviv, at the Central bus station (Lewinsky Street). Departure to Jerusalem is from the 6th floor, platform 607.
Bus number 480 arrives in Northern Tel Aviv, at the bus terminal on Arlozorov str., next to the railway station (Takhana Rakevet – in Hebrew) called Tel Aviv Center
Bus №405
Central bus station Tel-Aviv

Central bus ctation Tel-Aviv

Bus №480
Arlozorov Bus Terminal

The fare in one direction is 16 shekels (as of 01.01.2018)
The first bus leaves at 06:00, the last at 24:00. Travel time – from 45 minutes to an hour
IMPORTANT! The buses do not work from Friday afternoon till Saturday evening. The same on the eve of the Jewish holidays in accordance with the Jewish tradition.
Sharing taxi
Sharing taxi between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv run between the central bus station of Tel Aviv and the center of Jerusalem. Minibuses are designed for 10 people, equipped with air conditioning and are quite comfortable. They do not have a clear timetable, the car leaves as it is filled.
In Tel Aviv, the final stop of Sharing taxi is located on Tsemach David Street, opposite of Central bus station in Tel Aviv. If you approach the entrance, located at the intersection of Levinsky Street and Tsemach David Street, then the Sharing taxi will be on the left. The Sharing taxi will have a sign “Jerusalem” (Hebrew – ירושלים). This is a stop of ST leaving to other places in Israel.
In Jerusalem, the final stop of a Sharing taxi is located in the center of the city at the crossroads of the streets of Neviim ‘im Street and Monbaz Street. Entering Jerusalem, the taxi can stop on demand along the route to the final stop.
Near the final stop of the shuttle taxi are Old Town, Russian Compound and many hotels.
Working hours:: 7 days a week and 24 hours a day
The fare on weekdays is 24 shekels, at night (from midnight) – 30 shekels, on Saturday (Shabbat) – 35 shekels (as of 01.01.2018).
Travel time – from 45 minutes to an hour